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April 2017
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    • UTC: 2017-04-28 21:46

    EM Event

    Hail m’lords and ladies of the realm. March contained the kickoff of the KoS storyline and a few impromptu cow tipping events. Aprils events will begin to pick up in quantity. We will have two KoS events, two official Cow Tipping events, and a fishing contest.

    The cow tipping events will happen as follows. You must retrieve your own utter animal (cow) and bring it to the event. I will place a gate at Luna stables to the event location. Each round will be different from the last but the goal is to click the cow as fast as possible to make it fall. The winner of each cow tipping contest will be entered into the Chessys Utterly Impossible Champions Event, toward the end of the year. No physical prize can be given to the winners at these events but a statue will be erected at the end of the year with the champions name.

    Fishing contests will be bi-monthly. It will start at the beginning of April and run til the end of May. Lets start out with one of the rarest fish that doesn’t require a crazy location. The Kingfish! Drop your highest weight Kingfish in the box at the HoC and lets see who is the best fisher in the lands!

    April 1st: Fishing Event Kicks Off
    April 6th: Cow Tipping Event 1 – 9pm Est
    April 11th: KoS Event – Taking Back Moonglow – 9pm Est
    April 13th: Cow Tipping Event 2 – 9pm Est
    April 16th: Governors Meeting with King Blackthorn – 9pm Est
    April 20th: KoS Event – Is It Worth The Blood? – 9pm Est

    I hope everyone is enjoying the events so far. I look forward to expanding the scope of events even farther as I grow as an EM *smiles*. Thank you Chessy for being awesome!

    Due to unfortunate circumstances, “The Orc Invasion” on March 16th has been pushed back an hour. The event start time will now be 10pm EST. I apologize for the short notice. I hope to see everyone there!

    March 14th – Meet and Greet with EM Ulric 9pm Est (Come meet me!)

    March 16th – The Orc Invasion (The Knights of Sacrifice) 9pm Est

    March 19th – Governors Meeting 9pm Est

    March 21st – Adventure Into The Woods (The Knights of Sacrifice) 9pm Est

    All events will have gates to meeting places located at West Brit Bank and Luna Bank.

    EM Ulric

    Chesapeake Feb 2017 Schedule

    Feb 12th 8pm EST EM & player Meet and great

    Feb 19th 8pm EST Governor Meeting

    *Feb 26th 8pm EST Meg & Company vs Hugh the Hand

    *Setup allowing. If setup is not complete this will take place the following Sunday (March 5th)

    It has been a pleasure to be on Chessy. To get to know all of you. I will miss you. Thank you for everything. Once real life calms down, I shall return. ~Shan~

    January 2017 Chesapeake Schedule

     9th Dev meet & Greet 7 p.m. EST standard location.

    14th Gov meeting 8 p.m. EST (Blackthorn Castle)

    21st EM/Player meet & Greet (HoC) 8 p.m. EST

    28th Anniversary Party (West Brit Bank) 8 pm E.S.T.

    30th Is it a bird? Is it a plane? 8:30 p.m. EST

    **after a very hard month of fishing we are skipping Jan and start again Feb**

    Nov schedule – Chessy

    13 Meet & Greet

    20 Counsel Meeting

    27 On the Mend

    30 Surprise surprise

    30 Fishing contest begins: Winter Dragonfish
    this is a Legendary fish. it will run until Jan. 2nd 2017


    All events are 8 p.m. EST except the fishing contest. It will START 12:01 a.m. on Nov 30th. Will END at midnight Dec 2nd,  2017.

    9th  Informal meet & greet with EM ShanyraFyre. Meet at HoC.

    11th Fishing contest:  Fairy Salmon. starts at 12:01 a.m.

    16th Governor Meeting. All are invited to attend. At Blackthorn Castle.

    23rd  RBG training assignment. Meet at RBG HQ. Assignment will be given after roll call.

    24th Fishing contests ends 11:59 P.m.

    27th The Race is On. Gate provided to start location.


    ALL events are EST.  ALL events are at 8pm unless otherwise stated.


    On a mostly sunny Sunday, a group of many appeared. Some remained cloaked in shadows, out of respect.  Before the first words could be spoken, a couple rain drops came down, as if the clouds themselves were weeping.

    This day was set aside as a memory. To memorialize 9/11 and to memorialize Ozog, the goblin King. Individually everyone got up and spoke. Many tears were shed throughout the gathering. It is truly hard to put into words, the feelings that were felt and shared during this time.

    At the end of the day, once everyone had a turn to say a few words, the crowd did their own goodbyes and slowly faded into the shadows.  What was left is eternal. A small spot in the forest, forever in bloom. A rustic bench to sit and think, or talk. A calm that seems to come from nowhere. But for those involved, we know where the calm comes from.

    Always Remember.




    #1  After noting the frustration in the fishing community, that no one had seen or caught one single Rainbow fish, it was quickly changed to a Bull Fish, and the contest was extended to Sept 30th 11:59 PM EST.


    #2 Round & Round We Go was going in full swing. Meg was mapping out her plight to the fine citizens of Sosaria. As she went to where she thought her kind benefactor would be, a huge complication arose.  So due to unforeseen circumstances, this event will continue and finish Sept 28th 8PM EST. Meet and HoC.  Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.