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    • UTC: 2017-04-28 21:45

    Due to the slow healing, and constant meds and cat scans this has been cancelled. Next month we will have 3 events to make up for this infection this month. Just so you know I have a deep tissue infection in my face/head/neck. They are doing CT scans every 2 to 3 days (depending on the dr) to make sure it’s not heading into my brain.

    I am on MANY antibiotics which make me sick, and the meds to keep me from throwing up make me very sleepy. I will be looking to get all the marlin in the next day or 2, depending on health. So the winner will be announced this weekend. If the mailbox is broken again I will refix it, and i can get from each person as well when I am on. The dates will be on the fish so I can still tell if it is within the time frame of the fishing contest.



    I have to head to the E.R. Either having a sinus infection, tooth infection, whatever has caused half of my face to swell up. Been on antibiotics for 2 days now and swelling is continuing to get worse. It feels like my throat is swelling as well now. Since I do not know what they will do, or how long this will take, I am rescheduling “Animal Crossing” for May 25th (Wednesday) at 8pm EST. I am TRULY sorry for the inconvenience.

    Elections are coming up at the end of the month!!! Time to rally your people to save the town you have now, or try and take it over 😉 Good luck.. and don’t forget to vote!!!!!!!cropped-dragonmist4edit2.jpg

    Tonight the valiant citizens gathered, and helped the Guardian of Nature, and the Royal Guard of nature track down, and save the Easter Bunny after being kidnapped by his evil brother, General WoundWart.  They saved many  Easters to come, and the Easter bunny will not soon forget their bravery, or kindness.